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What is a switch

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What is a switchThe words of the switch are interpreted as on and off. It also refers to an electronic component that can open a circuit, interrupt current, or flow to other circuits. The most common switch is an electromechanical device for human operation, which has one or several electronic contacts. The "closed" of the contact means that the electronic contact is conducting, allowing current to flow; the "open" of the switch means that the electronic contact is not conducting and forms an open circuit, which does not allow current to flow.

The simplest switch has two pieces of metal called "contacts". When the two contacts are in contact, the current forms a loop, and when the two contacts are not in contact, the current is open. When selecting the contact metal, it is necessary to consider the degree of resistance to corrosion, because most metals will form insulating oxides after oxidation, making the contacts unable to work properly. The selection of the contact metal also needs to consider its conductivity, hardness, mechanical strength, cost, and whether it is toxic. Sometimes corrosion-resistant metals are plated on the contacts. It is usually plated on the contact surface of the contact to avoid affecting its performance due to oxides. Sometimes non-metallic conductive materials such as conductive plastics are used on the contact surface. In addition to the contacts, there are also movable parts in the switch to make the contacts conductive or non-conductive. The switches can be divided into lever switches, key switches, boat switches, etc. according to the movable parts, and the movable parts can also be Other types of mechanical links.

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