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Button switch principle one working principle

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Working principle of button switch

The working principle of the key switch is easy to understand. The principle is shown in the figure below. To put it bluntly, it is like this: there is an electromagnet adsorption device inside, when you press the button, the electromagnet inside will generate magnetism instead of electricity, and then the circuit is connected or disconnected through this adsorption device. In this way, functions such as remote control of the line are realized. The opening and closing state of the contacts when the button is not subjected to external force (i.e. static) is divided into start button (i.e. normally open button), stop button (i.e. normally closed button) and composite button (i.e. the combination of normally open and normally closed contacts) One button). For the start button, the contact is closed when the button cap is pressed, and the contact is automatically disconnected and reset after being released; the opposite is true for the stop button, the contact is separated when the button is pressed, and the contact is automatically closed and reset after being released. The composite button means that when the button cap is pressed, the bridge-type moving contact moves downwards, so that the normally closed contact is opened first, and then the normally open contact is closed: when the button cap is released, the normally open contact is first After breaking and resetting, the normally open contact is closed and reset.

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JIALONG Electron Co.,Ltd is one of largest switch manufacturers in China. Our company was established in 1986 as we mainly manufacture slide switch,rocker switchmicro switchpush button switch, tact switch, DC jack, AC power socket and automotive switch. with over 1000 different types of our standard switches, most of our switches have been approved by UL, CUL, VDE, TUV, KC, CE, CQC and other approval. the JL brand has achieved global recognition in various sectors.

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